Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tudo Bem

Week 3! well tomorrow it will be but close enough! So nothing too exciting has gone on. the biggest news, everyone says once you turn in the electronic visa application it takes like 5 to 7 weeks to get your visa on average. so its been 7 for me now. i had Dallas on online and check the status. And! it says ready for pickup! which means its been approved and its in the mail! So i goes to salt lake then down to me in Provo. I'm hoping it comes today!!! if not this week sometime I'm sure! well my fingers are crossed! i like the MTC here and all, but i want to go to Brazil! and its so cold here! but there hasn't been much snow at all. so if it come today ill leave later this week or next week sometime. So if you want to write me, go to dearelder.com and you cant write me a letter and put my mailing address in for it to be sent to and they print it off here and put it in my box the same day! Ill send another email when i get my visa, and i wont know my actual address down there till i get there, so ill email again and tell everyone what it is.
Its been 3 weeks in the MTC and we learn language Monday through Saturday like 3 to 4 hours each day. So in that time Ive learned so much. Were learning conjugations which they didn't teach in school for Spanish till a few months into the class. We teach lessons about each day and I can say about what i want to. its really choppy and not all right but its enough that they can understand know what I'm talking about. Its amazing! My comp and i set a date for one of our "investigators" to be baptised on Christmas eve. He's our teacher acting as a investigator.
So nothing special has happened this week. Learning the language and how to teach. Well i cant think of anything else to report and I'm about out of time! thank you everyone for your support! I love you and I hope your all doing good!
Com Amo  Elder Cluff

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