Tuesday, December 27, 2011

News and Update

So first off, if any of you haven't heard. My brother Dallas who's on his mission in Brazil too broke his foot 2 days before Christmas. And he hast to go home to get surgery on it... Its broken in a bad spot. but hes not in much pain. hes always been tough with that. i watched him crash his bike a few years ago and break his wrist. we didn't think it was broken so he kept riding till we got where we were going. I'm not sure how much pain he feels... :) So I hear he should only be home for like 3 weeks and he will come right back to his same mission. So that's really good! So that's the big news. Well my sister Shira is going to have her second baby any day too. 
So here in the MTC there isn't much variety. we go to class, learn Portuguese and such, in Portuguese, and study the rest of the time pretty much. Christmas ever we didn't have classes. he had some time to play games. that was fun. we watched a movie but it was the Muppets Christmas. I'm not sure why they picked that but they did and it was in Portuguese without subtitles so i zoned out and studied. On Christmas we just had a relaxing day. We didn't really do anything which was ok with me. I'm slowly learning Portuguese. I didn't learn the grammar terms in English like present subjunctive and such so I'm kind of struggling with grammar but ill get it. Ill send an email with my mission address and starting around the 8th of January if you write to me write to that address. But if any of you are so inclined to send packages no matter the date send them to the mission address that ill email soon. Thank you to everyone for their support! Im so blessed to grow up where I did and know the people I know!  Tém um bom dia!
Elder Cluff

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