Monday, January 30, 2012


Finally in the Field!!! My area is called Nanuque. in not in Espirito Santo, its just north of that state and west of Bihia. i dont remember the name of the state but i think its shortened to MG. Im in a poor area. some spots are carzy poor. i dont see how people live like that. its wild. but my apartment it decent. kinda nice. im in a branch of about 50 people. its been ok. but i dont speak much Portuguese at all so its been frustrating. im trying to work on it but right now i cant add much to lessons because i dont know how to say it. my first day in the field i was in virtoia. that night we went to the bus station to take a bus to my area. 8 hours away. they said a bus leaves every morn and night. but the next one was 1:30 the next afternoon... so we stayed at elders apartments in vitoria. it was crazy. 8 elders all packed in the same room. mattress everywhere haha. good thing they had like 9 mattress haha. finally got to my area and im trying to get the language down. its hard, walking around and having no idea what going on. theres a bunch of hills and im sweating all day till i fall asleep :( i hope ill get used to it soon. sorry i only put one pic in. it takes forever for them to load! and i didnt start at the beginning so i dont have enough time. well im out of time. but its a pic of the dining room and kitchen. its not a good picture though. we have a decent frigde and freezer, microwave and stove. i want to get some ingredients so i can make some awesome food! here the main meal is lunch. so thats pretty much all we have. until i buy food. and every luch, rice and beans... haha. its funny here. the appliances look really nice. people will have like nothing in their house, barley a front door, but they have a sweet looking frige/freezer, and a tv and dvd player haha. its weird. well i think i have time for one more picture. this is the view from my mission presidents place. looking to the beach and vitoria. its soooo cool. i watched a guy kite surf there. the richer people here live in apartments. their pretty nice. thanks to everyone who sent my a birthday card! and thanks for everyones support. i love you all!
Elder Cluf

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Week 8

Oí! Its my Birthday!!! :) finally 20! so update on Dallas. i told you he broke his foot. friday hot got surgery on it in Salvador and it went very well. hes recovering good and will be back to missionary work soon. he got it dont in salvador because if he went home he cant come back and he really likes it here. and everything that happens to him happens to me... i jumped out of my bed the other night and landed bad on my foot haha. but its not bad, just sore. itll be fine im 2 days i bet. :)
Im picking up the language ok. I will get it. Im excited to be out in the field soon! São Paulo is so hot. but last week it was pretty cool, but today its back to very hot. 
Im enjoying my time here.  not much happens here exciting enough to be emailed.  if you sent me a letter or anything start sending it to my mission address. ill sent that in a seperate email. sorry. i dont have much time to write at all. but im having a good time. loving reading the book of mormon daily. It been fun being with a huge group of kids my age doing the same thing, working for the same pourpose.  so thats about all i can thin of now. i hope everythings going well for all of you! sorry if i have bad spelling errors, im in a rush. but i love you all and hope your doing well!
Elder Cluff