Monday, December 12, 2011

Last Full Day in Provo

I fly out tomorrow morning. i fly to Atlanta, wait 2 hours, then fly to Brazil. flight leaves at like 8pm and gets to Brazil at 7am... and there's only one time change on that flight. but i like flying so I'm excited! Ive got my bags packed at the max weight. I'm ready to go! Its been fun here! Ive learned a ton of Portuguese for 4 weeks. Its been a great experience! I'm so excited to be in Brazil! But its going to be mostly Portuguese so it'll be different. Ive made some friends but ill prolly never see them again...
So i told you about dearelder. but that only works here in provo mtc. So dont write me on that anymore. I wont know my address till I get there so if you want to write just email and keep it short. I'll try to get back to you. Thanks to all of you for your support! I'll email my address when i get it and remember if you send a letter to Brazil you have to put a international stamp on it. Its 98 cents. But so worth it :)  I hope all of you are doing good!!! See ya in about 2 years!
com amo Elder Cluff

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