Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 2 @ The MTC

Tudo Bem? So i didn't have very much time last week cause i had to put contacts in and all. but no ones really emailed my this week so i have time. so ill cover both weeks. first week i got to the mtc and Elder Grant from Medford saw me and came over and was my host. every missionary gets a host who takes them around to their room, classroom and such on their first day. it was awesome having someone i know! hes the only person i know here that Ive seen. so i met my comp at my room. hes a cool guy. we get along good which im so thankful for!. then our hosts took us to the classroom. we met our teacher, who speaks English but only if he hast to because we don't understand something important. so he started rambling off in Portuguese... it was wild but i took some Spanish and Portuguese courses before i came so i understood the most out of my class.
The MTC doesn't have much verity in the days so threes not a whole lot to talk about. we have devotionals on Sundays and Tuesdays. Sunday usually someone from the mtc speaks, Tuesdays usually someone higher up speaks like from the 70 or 12. my first Tuesday elder Christofferson spoke! it was awesome! then Thanksgiving elder Nelson came and spoke! he said do all that you can do and god will do the rest. it was a amazing talk. we go to the temple Tuesdays cause its p-day.  everyone says the food is amazing here, its pretty good, but not quite amazing haha. i like it. so on Sundays the branch presidency tells all the missionaries to prepare a talk and then on Sunday they say hows speaking. so you don't know until you have to get up and give it.  the first week it can be in English, after that just Portuguese... so, my first week... i got to church and out of about 65 missionaries who do they call? Elder Cluff. i knew there was another elder cluff here but i wasn't sure if he was in the same branch as me. so i waited a second, no elder cluff got up so i got up and gave my talk. it was short but it was only supposed to be 3 mins. it was pretty good i thought. on baptism and i told how the holy ghost will speak to our investigators and testify to them and thats how we will get baptisms. along those lines, but better than that :) so after church the other elder cluff came up to me and said, im glad you got up because i didn't have my talk done. he had to do his in Portuguese. the branch presidency after said it was supposed to be the other elder cluff but i gave a good talk so it was ok. :) so i figured i didn't have to stress about preparing another talk because i already gave one. well, this Sunday the girl that gave a talk after me last Sunday got called to speak again. i didn't though, but i guess ill start preparing better cause its defiantly possible! haha
My Portuguese is coming along. im enjoying my time. only thing is ive only got one letter.... last night mail was handed out and as usually everyone gets at least 2 letters, my comp getting like 8, and i got none. :( someone write me! haha i sent out 5 letters yesterday though so lookout! but ive heard it takes about 5 weeks to get you visa after you turned in your electronic application, which i did 5 weeks ago, so i may be getting my visa any day. when i do ill go down to the MTC (CTM there) in Brazil, so ill give you all a new address to write to. but till then my address is
Elder Weston Cluff
MTC Mailbox 92
BRA-VIT 0123
2005N 900E
Provo Utah 84604-1793
Well im out of time. I hope to get letters from all of you! :) or a package.... :) I love you guys and i hope your all doing well! Im having a good time :) if you email back keep it short :)
Com Amor Elder Cluff
(with love)

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